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"Complete with time-lines, charts, photographs and other illustrations, “Being Gay Is Disgusting” is Edward Falzon’s hilarious and eye-opening chapter-by-chapter retelling of the first five books of the Bible" -- Gay Chicago Magazine

Absolute Morality

So Richard Dawkins was in Australia the other day for the first National Godless Heathens' Convention on Sin and Debauchery in Melbourne. During his visit, he participated in a televised panel discussion about how cool God is. In this video extract, a questioner asks Dawkins which orifice it is, out of which atheists obtain their absolute morality, since obviously the Absolute Morality of the Bible is off limits for them.

The professor suggests that we use reason, of all things, to develop our code of morality.

Obviously, Richard's totally wrong. He seems like a clever man, so he should already know that we're only treating women equally now because over the past hundred years or so, God has been subtly changing our hearts.

And the same goes for slavery and animal cruelty.  I mean, God put us here and gave us dominion over all the animals, including black people and native Americans, so it's only right that we should treat them however the fuck we want to treat them, until God, in His recent Infinite Wisdom, changed our hearts and now wants us to be nice.

Fifty years ago, just about everybody in Britain was somewhat racist; now, only a few people are. Fifty years ago, it was impossible for gay people to walk along the street, hand-in-hand; now it's easy. Some of us lag behind the advancing wave of moral standards, and some of us are ahead. But all of us in the twenty-first Century are ahead of our counterparts from the time of Abraham, Mohammed or St. Paul." - Richard Dawkins
As in every conversion from evil, the abandonment of homosexual activity will require a profound collaboration of the individual with God's liberating grace." - Pope Benedict XVI, 1986

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